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Battlestar Coming To The Big Screen After All?

Illustration for article titled Battlestar Coming To The Big Screen After All?

Everyone involved with the Sci Fi Channel Battlestar Galactica series swears they won't make a big-screen movie. But BSG may be coming to theaters anyway, courtesy of original series creator Glen Larson.


IGN says Universal Pictures is planning to do a feature film version of BSG, based on the original 1978-1979 series. Larson is lined up to write the script and produce the film. (IGN says Universal denied the rumor, but other sources confirmed it independently, so a slight grain of salt is indicated.)

I'm wondering if anybody would be interested in an old-school BSG movie, after the new series has gotten so much critical and nerd attention. But it'll be interesting to see if this actually goes anywhere. [IGN]

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*looks around*

Nope, there is no original material left in Hollywood.

btw, everything in that ad makes me shudder.