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Battle: Los Angeles Shows New Way For Directors To Get Jobs

Illustration for article titled Battle: Los Angeles Shows New Way For Directors To Get Jobs

If the idea of running around Los Angeles, armed, dangerous and the one best, last hope against an oncoming alien invasion sounds good to you, then there are probably some video games that you should check out. But if you're somehow allergic to video games but still feel the urge, then chances are upcoming movie Battle: Los Angeles is exactly what you're looking for.The movie - possibly to be directed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning's Jonathan Liebesman, who's currently in talks with Columbia Pictures about the project - centers around a platoon of US Marines defending LA from an alien invasion. Leibesman's potential involvement in the project comes after he made an audition tape for the producers showing just how much he wanted to make the movie:

Liebesman beat out several other prospects for the job by making a whiz-bang presentation that showed his specific vision and passion for the project, described as "Black Hawk Down" meets "Independence Day." In August, Liebesman went out to locations in Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles, shooting sequences and plates, and adding CGI aliens. He also created a pre-viz alien invasion sequence.


So now you all know how to land your own movie deal: Start learning how to use iMovie right now, and in six months, you too could be heading up your SF franchise as a major studio! Helmer wins 'Battle' with filmed pitch [Hollywood Reporter]

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Mars Attacks for serious?

Even Futurama made more sense with the "Mobile Oppression Palace" than going into the weeds with alien grunts.