Battle: Los Angeles Sets Up Alien-Destroyed L.A. In Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport is getting all the big movies these days, and in September Aaron Eckhart will be leading a Marine platoon to repel an alien invasion, defending Shreveport-disguised-as-Los-Angeles in the low-budget Battle: Los Angeles. The local mayor is thrilled to show off the lovely battlezone. "We look forward to the battle in our 'LA'," he tells reporters. [Shreveport Times]

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clever epithet

It's a lackluster clunker of a script and considering that it's hoping to make Shreveport stand in for Los Angeles is all I need to know to stay away. Blech.

Indigen, the story is "Blackhawk Down" meets "Independence Day," but without purpose, meaning, or resonance. It's about a platoon of soldiers in Los Angeles 12 hours after an alien invasion has begun. They're trying to fight off the Starship-Tropper-lite aliens through the abandoned streets of Santa Monica. They run into some survivors whom they have to help escape. (Where? The aliens are invading — will taking them east of the 405 somehow protect them? Huh, Bertolini?) Sadly, the last draft excised the mysterious psychic kid. Boooooo!

For an alien-invasion story, the script barely bothers to describe or show the aliens, and when they do show up, the script shoves them aside as fast as it can. This is hands down the worst big spec sale script I've ever read, and that's saying something.