"Battle Angel Alita" Plot Details Have Been Decided

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Producer Jon Landau, who worked with James Cameron on Avatar, spilled new details about the duo's next franchise, based on scifi manga Battle Angel Alita. The movie will focus on the robot warrior Alita's early life among cyborg roller-gladiators.

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The movie, now called Alita, is really starting to take shape. Writer Laeta Kalogridis convinced Landau and Cameron to focus the movie on events from the early manga, when Alita is suffering memory loss and just figuring out that she's a deadly mecha. Landau described the movie as a biography that focuses on the robot's formative years. More than the interesting character development, though, Landau is enamored of scenes from the early manga that involve the Motorball.


Speaking to MTV, Landau said:

If people are familiar with the series at all, there's something they call Motorball. That is something that Jim has always been dynamically excited about. It's racing on a super track, with characters that are built and created in the cyborg world to race against each other in an arena. It's almost like a gladiator match meets an Indy 500 race. [Their mode of battle] depends on who they are. It depends how they've been modified as cyborgs; they're not in cars - it's their physical being that is out there. Some of them are on roller skates - and Alita participates in this, and she's on roller blades, while other people might have different devices. It's a wonderful, rich world to design and develop.

And yes, it will be in 3D.

Here is some footage of the Motorball races from a CG clip that was packaged with the manga GUNNM: Complete Edition #6. Imagine this, but done with full Avatar-style 3D. Holy crap.

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Anekanta - spoon denier

This makes me a bit nervous. Cameron will probably do an okay job, but it's still Hollywood doing one of the best manga series' out there.