Battle Angel Alita Could Be Next for the Avatar Treatment

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With Avatar nearly in the can, James Cameron is looking toward the next subject for his 3D motion-capture lens. And he's considering the move from sexy blue aliens to sexy cyborgs with an animated adaptation of Battle Angel Alita.

When MTV News talked to Cameron about the possibility of adapting Yukito Kishiro's cyberpunk manga series, the director first responded with a less than resounding, "Maybe, maybe." But as the interview went on, he began to talk more animatedly about the technology needed for an Alita film:


If Cameron can work out the technology in a timely fashion, Alita might be just the project to follow Avatar. From what I've seen of the footage, Avatar is an enormous technological leap in animation, but if viewers ultimately find the storyline too Dances with Wolves/Ferngully, it might make more sense to turn to an already established property. And Kishiro's dystopian 26th century would be lush in an entirely different way from Pandora,Avatar's botanical wonderland. And even if Avatar is every bit as incredible as the early footage suggests, I'd much rather see Cameron push his technology in new creative directions before we take a second visit to Pandora.

James Cameron Says 'Battle Angel Alita' Adaptation Could Be Next, But Evolving Tech Is 'Critical' [MTV Splash Page]

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