The Wayne family, who are all still alive, happily enjoying a night out at the movies where absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong.
Image: Warner Bros.

I’m sure Bruce would have no PTSD-induced freakouts about this at all.

As part of DC’s ongoing celebration of 80 years of Bat-based tomfoolery, it was announced that Batman would be joining the reams of real live celebrities in getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. As revealed in a Variety livestream for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Wayne’s star will arrive in 2020, alongside the likes of Spike Lee, Julia Roberts, Chris Hemsworth, Mahershala Ali, and many more.

On a scale of 1-10, how secretly kind of pissed do you think the likes of Julia Roberts and Octavia Spencer are that their arrival on the Walk of Fame is being upstaged by a man who dresses up as a bat and fights crime for a living, oh, and is also not real?


Anyway, Batman isn’t the first fictional character to get a star on the Walk of Fame; in fact, he’s far from it—the Simpsons, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Shrek, and even Godzilla all have stars, as do several other fictional characters. Hell, Disneyland has a star. Given that the honor is paid for rather than necessarily bestowed, it’s not that hard to get a place on the famed sidewalk. But it is a nice reward for 80 years of punching bad guys in the face and various other body parts across comics, TV, games, and movies!

So congrats, Batman. Hopefully no one defaces it with Crime Alley-themed graffiti the minute it gets installed...that’d be unfortunate.

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