Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

The series of events that led to Duke Thomas becoming a masked vigilante were shaped by tragedy and pain, but like most of Bruce Wayne’s young proteges, the traumas of his past are what drives him to patrol Gotham’s dangerous streets. Following the events of We Are Robin, Duke gave up being Robin to stand by Batman’s side as a new kind of bat-themed hero—and now he’s getting a chance to stand alone.


In Batman: The Signal, a new series written by Tony Patrick announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we’ll see the beginning of Duke’s life as the newest member of the Bat Family as he searches for a way to cure his parents of the Joker toxin that’s broken their minds.

According to DC writer Scott Snyder, The Signal, titled after the codename that Duke adopts after an encounter with the Joker, will chronicle Duke’s adventures as a Bat-affiliated vigilante who fights crime in the daylight as opposed to the shadows we’re accustomed to seeing Batman in. No official release date has been announced for The Signal, but Duke’s slated to play a central role in DC’s upcoming Dark Knights: Metal event, which is very likely to play into his own series and begins August 16.

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