Batman Confronts His Greatest Fear in the New Lego Batman Movie Trailer (Hint: It's Not Snake Clowns)

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Could be both! But either way, the latest trailer for the zany Lego Movie spinoff is full of laughs as Batman tries to learn how to become a better father figure—and partner-in-crime-fighting—to his adoptive young ward, Robin.


Batman has quite a few trust issues in the Lego-verse, apparently, whether it’s not raising the orphan he casually forgot he adapted, being petrified of new Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon wanting to work with him, or, in the Joker’s eyes, not being “villain exclusive”. There’s a good Batman v Superman gag in there about that one which might just be the best moment of this whole damn thing.

Also, we’d be remiss to not mention the fact that this trailer is soundtracked by a remix of We Built This City and how great that is. Because it is. Everything about this looks brilliant!

The Lego Batman Movie hits theaters February 2017.

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I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t end up being the best Batman movie ever.