German artist Aslan Malik put paint to US dollar bills to create his presidential Justice League series. Now he's used a similar technique, but a different currency, for some of DC's villains. His Injustice League of North Korea uses won notes as a canvas for Gotham's most notorious villains.


Aside from the origins of the currencies he's defacing, there's a key difference between Malik's Justice League and his Injustice League. The notes Malik uses for his Injustice League series are 100, 1000, and 5000 won notes, all of which feature the late Kim Il-sung, meaning that Malik is drawing over the same subject.

You can see the full series (including that Superman slayer Doomsday) in Malik's gallery.

The Injustice League of North Korea [Aslan Malik via Geekologie]


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