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We're loving Courtney Crumrin writer/artist Ted Naifeh's fresh new take on Batman. Especially his redesigns of some of the greatest Batman comic covers from Detective Comics. Plus his redesigns of Batgirl, the Joker, and other iconic characters.


In an interview with Newsarama Naifeh elaborated on his Batman covers and other art:

When I did my first wave of Batman concept and character art, James Sime at Isotope said that my next step should be to do cover designs. He said if I stick a Batman logo on it, it'd make a world of difference. It'd look official. I'd always wanted to do my own Batman logo. That first one is a bit wonky, but It's coming along. The second one (shown above) is more along the lines of a fifties pulp novel. What I'm trying to do is capture some of the retro flavor of Batman without taking the campyness with it.


For tons more stunning images, check out Naifeh's website, including this page.

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