Oh, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, clearly you know the way to my heart: A guest-star filled episode featuring heroes and villains having to race each other in special vehicles for the fate of the planet? Yes please.

Last night's "Death Race To Oblivion" was exactly the kind of thing Brave and the Bold feels like it was created to do: From the ridiculous-yet-awesome concept (Mongul forces everyone to have a super drag race, with the survival of Earth hanging in the balance) to the choice of guest-stars (Guy Gardner? Plastic Man and Woozy Winks?), everything was just fun; enjoyably fluffy, sure, but well done and completely watchable. Like the best episodes of the series, "Death Race" worked on both the fanboy level and the - for want of a better way of putting it - childlike sense of wonder level, with a special sidestep into the dreams of car fetishists this time around (Oh, come on, who didn't like seeing the Jokermobile again?). It may not have had the crossover appeal of an NPH guestspot, but in many ways, "Death Race" was the perfect example of the series at its best, making less than obvious choices to come up with something that's obviously fun. If the rest of the second season (of which this was the first official episode) is this good, then we're in for a treat.


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