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Batman V. Superman's Batmobile Revealed, Is It Better Than the Tumbler?

Illustration for article titled emBatman V. Supermans/em Batmobile Revealed, Is It Better Than the Tumbler?

Holy badass Batmobile, Batman. The first ever full shot of Ben Affleck's ride in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice has been revealed, and it is not understated in the slightest. But is it better than the Tumbler?


The challenge of making a Batmobile better than Christian Bale's ride in the Dark Knight trilogy is a difficult one. And it looks like instead of going functional ,director Zack Snyder decided to go full comic book crazy. Instagram user amacro13 posted a handful of pictures of the new alleged Batmobile, and it is bananas.

Check out the gull-wing like doors and the partial tire covers which look more aesthetic than anything. While the tumbler looks like something that might exist, Snyder's Batmoble feels like it was pulled right out of Arkham Knight game. I mean it REALLY looks like the Arkham Knight car (as Slashfilm pointed out).


The new Batmobile is cool, and we dig it. But part of us yearns for the much more slick car-like Batmobiles of yesteryear. Ah well, maybe this Bruce Wayne has multiple Batmobiles.

[Via Batman News]


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I think it's a good compromise between the rugged Tumbler look and a more traditional 'Hot Rod' Batmobile. But those gull wing doors don't look too sturdy to me. One knock while they're open and they'll be off in no time. Not the kind of car you want to go up against, say, an ornery Kryptonian in.