The official logo and the official title for the movie previously known as Man of Steel 2 and Batman Vs. Superman has been revealed! Let's break it down.

"Dawn of Justice" makes sense, because it's the first time these two iconic superheroes have met, is arguably the partnership that will eventually become the Justice League, and because, if you were feeling uncharitable, there was no justice to be found in Man of Steel, just mass casualties.


But "Batman V. Superman"? That's... that's the name of a lawsuit. "V" is used as "versus" almost exclusively in lawsuits and legalese; everywhere else its usually spelled out as "Vs". Does... does this mean Batman is going to sue Superman? Does Batman want justice for all the negligent homicides Superman caused in Man of Steel? Is Zack Snyder casting all those other superheroes so they can be the jury? You laugh, but I would watch the hell out of this movie.