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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Gets An Epic Retro Makeover

Here’s a version of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice that I’d enjoy watching. Someone went and set footage from the Adam West, George Reeves and Lynda Carter Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman shows and it works wonderfully.


Seriously, how awesome would a crossover show have been back when these shows were all on the air? This is largely rhetorical, given that Batman aired in 1966, The Adventures of Superman aired in 1952, and Wonder Woman aired in 1975. Today, with shows like The Flash, Arrow, Constantine and Supergirl all crossing over in various ways, it seems like it would have been a no brainer.

[One Perfect Shot]

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In case you’ve never seen it, this is a 1967 screen test for a live action WONDER WOMAN show from the producer of the camp, live action BATMAN series.