Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad Come to Life on the Warner Bros. Official Tour

Illustration for article titled iBatman v Superman /iandi Suicide Squad/i Come to Life on the Warner Bros. Official Tour

If you want to get up close and personal with the costumes and props of Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. is making that happen. It’s creating a full DC Universe exhibit as part of its Hollywood Studio Tour.


The Warner Bros Studio Tour is an intimate tour given several times a day on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, CA. I’ve been on it multiple times and I can honestly say it’s the best studio tour in Hollywood. So many great things have been shot, and are shooting, on the lot, so you really get to see a bunch of cool, recognizable places and things. You even get to walk on live sets.

Part of the tour is a museum of Warner Bros. props and that’s where “DC Universe: The Exhibit” will appear starting May 24. Costumes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Batman v Superman team will be there, along with plenty of props and other movie relics to interact with. There will also be costumes and props from Suicide Squad, multiple months before the film opens. The highlight looks to be Harley Quinn’s actual jail cell, which visitors will be able to enter and photograph. You can read more details about what the DC Universe exhibit will include here.


Even without all this DC stuff, if you ever visit Hollywood, I’d recommend the Warner Bros Studio Tour anyway. It’s fantastic and this is just icing on the cake. Here’s the official link to make reservations.

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Those are not the colours of the costumes that made it into the films.

Snyder literally - literally - sucks the joy and colour out of his characters.