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Batman prepares to battle Aquaman and Wonder Woman in Flashpoint clip

The first clip for DC's direct-to-home video movie Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox has arrived, as Cyborg assembles a team to stop Aquaman and Wonder Woman before the Atlantis/Amazon war kills everyone on the planet, asking a particularly red-eyed Batman to lead it (no spoilers, but he's not just tired).


Comics fans know that this is the event that transformed the regular DC universe into the New 52-niverse, so I can't help but wonder if DC's going to try to set up anything in this movie, laying the framework for future DC animation and a more connected animated universe, or if this is just going to be a completely stand-alone flick. I suppose we'll get a better idea when Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox is released on July 30th.

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Only tangentially related here, but I don't know if io9 has an open thread kind'a deal anywhere.

What is the current going price for your average comic subscription? Is it yearly? Monthly? I know comic issues themselves are around $4 a piece, from my last forays into a comic store to see what's going on, but that was over a year ago now, possibly pushing two. I have a job now, with real moneys, and getting into a series or two is something I am considering doing, if the price is right.

Certainly can't be more expensive than my MMO habits.