The Cape/Cowl/Create art show at SDCC celebrated the 75th anniversary of Batman by giving him a makeover. A collection of artists were tasked with remaking the iconic cowl and cape, and we kind of love what came out.

If you're at San Diego Comic-Con the "Cape/Cowl/Create" exhibition will be open for the rest of the convention from 12 to 7. It's free and can be found in the Hard Rock Hotel, Legend's Room.

By Derek Deal.

By Michael Hsiung.

By Will Arnett.

By Mr. Cartoon.

By Zack Snyder.

By Akio Segawa.

By Horsebites.

By Frank Iero:

By VNM Yardley.

By Conrad Leach.

By Apex.

By Buff Monster.

By Benjamin Escobar.

By Nathan Sawaya.

By Mike Perry.

By Sara Blake.

By Justin Fines.

All images photographed by Cape/Cowl/Create exhibit.