Animated Hawkman: alien cop or Egyptian prince? We may soon find out the truth. Hawkman put in a cameo appearance, along with some other heroes, in the season four finale of The Batman animated series, but we didn't learn much about him. Now Hawky and Batman are teaming up just as a duo, to fight the Shadow Thief and Black Mask, and we'll find out which comics version he's based on. Click through for another image of the animated Hawkman.


Thanks to decades of tangled comics continuity, there are multiple backstories that this version of Hawkman could have. Is he based on the original version (reincarnated Egyptian royalty) or the later version (policeman from the planet Thanagar)? Let's just hope he's not the WTF 1990s version. (Thanks again RRich for the heads up!) [TV Guide]