Batman Day Is Actually Harley Quinn Day This Year

Image: DC Comics.
Image: DC Comics.

Every September, DC Comics fans come together in the spirit of the season and honor the act of city crime turning orphans into bat-mad heroes of the night—by which I mean to say, they celebrate Batman Day, the most wonderful time of the year. Too bad for them, because this year, Harleen Quinzell is hijacking the festivitie.


Announced today at Comic-Con, September 23 is no longer Batman Day, but Harley Day instead, to celebrate the 25 years since the character made her landmark debut in Batman: The Animated Series back in September 1992. Although Bat-fans can probably still expect some Dark Knight-flavored fun, DC will has plans for special Harley Quinn comic releases, including a 25th anniversary special issue. Expect a slew of more announcements of the impending deluge of all things Harley the company has planned for the near future.

So for one year at least, put away your screeds declaring Batman Day to be too commercial these days and come together in celebrating Harley Quinn instead.


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