Batman Breaks Superman's Sales Record

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Just days after the first appearance of Superman set a new world record for the most expensive comic book ever, Batman's first appearance has sold for even more. The rivalry between those two has really gotten out of hand.


Only three days after the first issue of Action Comics sold for one million dollars, a copy of Detective Comics #27 - the first issue to feature Bob Kane's Dark Knight - was purchased at auction for $1,075,500. The buyer's identity was anonymous.

The record-breaking amount comes as a massive surprise even after the million dollar Action; initial estimates for this copy of Detective had it valued at around $100,000, although advance bidding had already driven the price to four times that amount by the time bidding opened yesterday. Whether these two record-makers happening within the same week are fluke or signs of a new comic book speculation boom remain to be seen, but just in case, I'm getting my copy of Ambush Bug #1 valued right away.


Detective Comics #27 sells for more than $1 million, sets new record [Robot 6]

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So, if Batman doesn't show up until Detective Comics #27—what the hell was in Detective Comics 1-26?