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Fans who still miss the futuristic Gotham (and teenaged Dark Knight) seen in the dearly-departed Batman Beyond got the news they've been waiting a long time for. The cartoon is finally becoming a comic.


Comics (Teen Titans, Hench) and animation (Batman: The Brave And The Bold) writer Adam Beechen and artist Ryan Benjamin are the creators on the newly-announced six issue series that returns to the possible future for Bruce Wayne and new Batman Terry McGuinness. Beechen told Comic Book Resources about his approach to the series:

The full range of Terry's world will be on display in the mini series, but center stage will be occupied by Bruce and Terry. Terry and Dana are not married during this series, which takes place closer to the end of the animated series than to the character's appearance at the end of "Justice League Unlimited." [T]his miniseries does tie the animated series closer to the DCU proper, but whether or not it becomes considered the canonical version of Batman's future remains to be seen. And decided.


This isn't the first time the cartoon has crossed mediums; there have been two earlier tie-in comics, published during the cartoon's run, and the character has made cameo appearances in mainstream DC series Superman/Batman and Countdown To Final Crisis, both of which placed him on a parallel earth to the "regular" Batman. The first issue of the series will be released in June.

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