Bruce Wayne seems to be dropping his long-standing aversion to firearms in these new preview images from the still-unofficial Batman: Odyssey series, uniting two of the Dark Knight's most famous (and influential) creators, Neal Adams and Frank Miller.


The images were posted on Adams' website, where he quasi-explained,

I have never been able to bring my "A" game to Batman, to my satisfaction. Oh, a little here and there, but all out? Never, never. On this project? Yep. This is the Batman I believe in. So what do I, and of course the incredible Frank Miller bring to Batman after all that's gone before? Well it better be something that's pretty darn hot, Jocko, right?


He's actually been more descriptive before; two years ago, he revealed that Odyssey is planned as a six-to-eight issue series plotted and drawn by Adams, who defined the look of the Dark Knight in the 1970s, with dialogue from Miller, whose The Dark Knight Returns redefined the character in the 1980s.

Officially, the series doesn't exist; asked this week about it by, DC Comics Executive Editor Dan Didio only offered a non-confirmation confirmation,

[S]ince it's never been officially announced, I can't really say if anything's going on with it... And if I had 80 pages in my drawer of it, right now, I still wouldn't be able to talk about it.


With Bruce Wayne rumored to be returning to the pages of Batman comics early next year, don't expect to see this before mid-2010 at the very earliest.