Batman and Robin's cast and crew sit down to eviscerate the world's most hated Batman movie

Stop what you are doing and watch the most amazing Hollywood pile-on we've ever seen. Joel Schumacher, Chris O'Donnell and the rest of the cast and crew from Batman and Robin sit down to autopsy the worst Batman movie created, and they are brutally honest — emphasis on the "brutal." Words like overhyped, rushed, and "toyetic" fall from the moviemakers mouths. We've never seen anything like it.


In this official making-of featurette, the cast spends a lot more time apologizing for the movie than anything else. O'Donnell is ridiculously harsh. It's so fun to listen to everyone just talk about how they wanted to "remember it's a cartoon" in the current shadow of Chris Nolan's deadly serious bat franchise.

Even Val Kilmer shows up to explain his "scheduling conflicts" that prevented him from reprising his role in this movie, smiling like the luckiest man in the world.



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I'm a little disappointed in all of these people. I mean you made the movie, stand by your crap. Or just laugh and say "Yeah I was an idiot, this movie sucked"