Batman And Catwoman Reenact Michelangelo's Creation Of Adam

Illustration for article titled Batman And Catwoman Reenact Michelangelos emCreation Of Adam/em

Artist Simone Bianchi chooses a surprising inspiration for his Batman tableau, changing the hands of creation into hands of reaching, and adding a demonic quality to Batman's foes.


[via Xombie DIRGE]

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So if we are to interpret this based on the original painting, Batman is God, and he created Cat woman from nothing. Which implies Batman created woman from one of Catwoman's ribs. Also Joker is Medusa for some reason, and Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are trying to keep Batman and Catwoman apart for some strange reason. Also it appears that Harley Quinn is trying to get to Catwoman's breasts for some reason.

This looks cool, but it makes no sense.