Batman '66 Is Teaming Up With Wonder Woman For the First Time Ever

He’s BAM, POW and BIFFed his way through history, but the 1966 version of Batman, as played by Adam West, has never met up with Wonder Woman. Until now, that is: DC Comics just announced it’s releasing a book in January called Batman ’66/Wonder Woman ’77.

Marc Andreyko is co-writing the comic with Jeff Parker, and the illustrations will be by David Hahn and Karl Kesel. “It’s six issues. The first two issues take place in 1944 with a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne. The second two take place in ’66. The final two in ’77,” Andreyko said at New York Comic Con. “We’re introducing a villain who’s never been used on either of the shows but is super-famous in the comic books.”


The DC Twitter then posted a few images, which you can check out below.


And here’s a cover of the first issue.


[Twitter, CBR]

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