Batman 3's IMAX shooting plans, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Transformers character, and Star Trek's start date!

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Christopher Nolan might shoot Batman 3 entirely using IMAX cameras. We now know which Transformers character Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is playing. Star Trek 2 might start filming earlier than we thought. And Paul's stars explain the look of the alien.

Batman 3:

Christopher Nolan, who shot parts of The Dark Knight using special IMAX cameras, might shoot all of its sequel in the format, at least if his director of photography gets his way. Long-time Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister explained what he hopes to do with the next film:

"I can't say until I read the script, but it would certainly be my preferred, amazing goal to shoot the whole movie in IMAX. I must say I'm a huge IMAX fan. I like IMAX more than I like 3-D. Chris' films are so densely layered and have so much going on visually in every way that IMAX helps enhance that because of the scope and the scale of it - it becomes a much larger canvas to paint on. That's what we found on 'Dark Knight.' I'm not a big fan of 3-D. I liken it to my View-Master I had 40 years ago. Are you really getting more out of the story with 3-D? When you separate those different planes and you're creating artificial depth, it looks phony to me."


An entire Chris Nolan Batman movie in Imax? I better start exercising my eyeballs now to get ready. [MTV]

Transformers 3:

The admin of Michael Bay's official site has pretty much confirmed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is playing Carly, who in the cartoons is the eventual wife of the character Sam is based on. [Transformers News]

Here are some set photos of the cast: [SpoilerTV]

And here are some videos of the Bayhem:

[Uploaded by hammertime2015; thanks to Tom Etzel for the tip!]

[Last three videos from Transformers Live]

Star Trek 2:

Bruce Greenwood says the plan is to start filming in January, which seems to conflict with earlier reports saying it would just be pre-production that starts then. It's quite probable he just mixed the two up, especially considering the script still isn't even written. Either way, Greenwood doesn't know if he'll return as Christopher Pike, but he says he hopes so and is actively "hustling" for it. []



Here are some key points from a set visit, particularly how Nick Frost and Simon Pegg wanted their alien costar to look:

Frost: "[Paul] has to be incredible, but he also to be fairly forgettable, you know what I mean? It's after ten minutes just thinking , 'Oh yeah,' you know we've done it right. But he's just immediately needed to become some kind of character not some kind of amazing CG. So it depends on how [it] turns out."
Pegg: "My problem with Jar Jar Binks was never strictly the technology. It was the idiocy of the character."
Frost: "Oh, and the eye lines."


Also, Simon Pegg says the two are very much the co-leads of this film, unlike their previous efforts like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, in which Pegg was clearly the star. In fact, he explains:

Nick's character is probably a little bit more confident, a little bit more assured than mine. Graeme is a bit more messy, less proactive."


Finally, Pegg would love to get John Williams to score their movie, to give it that Steven Spielberg feel they're all shooting for. [IGN]


We already knew the season premiere would be loaded with guest stars - Dolph Lundgren, people!! - and now there's reportedly another guest who is almost of Lundgren-esque caliber. Olivia Munn will appear as "an impossibly cool, smart, and pretty CIA agent who intimidates and schools Chuck and Morgan", which honestly sounds like the perfect distillation of what irritates some people about Olivia Munn. Which is a shame, because I honestly quite like her. Oh well - at least we'll always have Dolph Lundgren. [The Ausiello Files]


The second episode will reportedly be titled "Chuck vs. The Suitcase." The report on Olivia Munn also mentions they're looking to cast a supermodel to play a "dangerous, sexy, and kick-ass supermodel" in this episode. [SpoilerTV]


Here's a video from the set of an explosion being filmed:

True Blood:

Here's a fun video of Stephen Moyer (Bill) and Grant Bowler (Coot) discussing the show. If nothing else, hearing the voices of the very British Stephen Moyer and the very Australian Grant Bowler provides a good reminder why the show's southern accents always sound so... interesting:


Here's another promo for the next episode, "All the Rage":Click to view

The sixth, seventh, and eighth episodes will be titled "Momstrosity", "Stoned", and "The Ex-Files." [SyFy]


The Walking Dead:

Producer Gail Anne Hurd, who's previously worked on Terminator and Aliens, was recently interviewed. Some highlights:

Frank [Darabont]'s writing is both evocative in setting the tone and feel of each scene and quite specific vis a vis character, so it's pretty easy for our directors to stay on the same page... What's so wonderful about THE WALKING DEAD is that we're able to explore human nature in its most depraved as well as its most humanitarian in each episode. We strip each character down to their most basic survival instincts-or lack thereof. It's actually the zombies who are the most predictable: You know what zombies are after. What you can't anticipate is how one surviving human is going to interact with another. And that's what keeps the series fresh and compelling.



And here's a behind-the-scenes interview with original comics creator and first season writer Robert Kirkman:Click to view



Here are some set photos: [IMDB Boards]

No Ordinary Family:

A couple short promos for the upcoming superhero drama: [KSiteTV]

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Click to view

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Click to view

The Cape:

Here's a preview and behind-the-scenes featurette: [SpoilerTV]

And here's the image of the tie-in comic: [CapeSite]

The Event:

Apparently there's a very big twist at the end of the pilot, but everyone who's seen it is too afraid of NBC to reveal what it is. [Fancast]



Here are some images of the cast: [SpoilerTV]


Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video from what will almost certainly be the most ludicrous of all the new spy shows:

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