Holy insanely detailed comic book wedding, Batman! We cannot believe the amount of detail that was put into this Batgirl and Nightwing-themed wedding. Their photo booth was a GOTHAM MUG SHOT!

Laura and Seth's wedding at Scoggins Farms in Charlotte, NC, is amazing. In fact, this might be the most detail-orientated geek wedding we've ever seen that still maintains an air of occasion. You're not going to confuse this wedding with a convention — no, that is clearly Batgirl in her wedding dress, looking fly as hell. Thanks to the photography of Dianne Personett (who also shot their amazing engagement session) we're getting a look into a real Gotham City wedding.


According to the couples IMGUR page, the two "fell for each other over a conversation about Batman," thus sparking the idea behind this wedding.

The little details are absolutely amazing — apparently even her earrings are tiny batsignals.

The cake has a working Batsignal!

The bouquets were made out of comic books.

This. Over and over again, this. Take your mustache sticks and funny hats, we will take a Gotham City mug shot ANY DAY.

The reception was held at Dick Grayson's home at Haly's Circus.

And after the whole thing was said and done, the wedding party took in a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Bravo, you two! Well done indeed!