The folks behind How It Should Have Ended have gone and parodied Taylor Swift’s crazy music video Bad Blood, dumping in just about every reference that you can think of and ignore what made the original great.

This sort of proves the point that I think that Bad Blood was trying to point out (as much as a music video can point out these sorts of things): there’s not a ton of heroines out there in the science fiction / fantasy film world when compared to their male counterparts.


The different is pretty stark when you look at both side-by-side. I caught sight of Katniss, Wonder Woman and Beatrix Kiddo, and a couple of others. The original video, by comparison, mashed up a ton of facsimiles of the genre’s female characters.

The points to all this? C’mon, guys, this isn’t hard, especially when the original video draws from a ton of films already - couldn’t you have bothered to put some more of them in?