Basically, everybody on Once Upon A Time in Wonderland has Daddy Issues

Dads, AMIRITE? Last night on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, we learned all about Alice's Dad and Jafar's Dad. But which backstory was the best backstory? Spoilers ahead...

Jafar's Dad: The Sultan


It's no great surprise that the man occupying the other cage in Jafar's prison was his father, the Sultan. We saw that reveal coming the minute Jafar said "my father is the Sultan." However, we did not expect his Dad to be as big a prick as Jafar.

Not only does he refuse to acknowledge Jafar as his son, but he lets his "real" son slap the ever loving shit out of him (just for being smart). And one great night, the Sultan comes down to Jafar's crappy servant-boy quarters and tries to drown him in his own sink water. Harsh. So yeah it's no wonder that the Sultan is one of Jafar's prisoners. And it also kind of helps flesh out why Jafar is such a dick all the time. Daddy issues. I liked this reveal — I'm a little bored of Jafar always being so cold and having zero weaknesses, but at least his backstory is compelling.

Alice's Dad: Mustache Dad


Oh Mustache Dad, what are we going to do with you? Not much, because he really wasn't in the show that long. Instead Jafar tricks Alice's Dad into Wonderland, kidnaps him, steals his magical identity and then pretends to be Alice's Dad, all the while sabotaging their plans to find Cyrus. Trying to force Alice to use up her wishes.

But Alice manages to save the day sans wishes — but immediately realizes this isn't her Father when he doesn't pray before eating. The old "pray reveal" gag. BUT BUT BUT, Alice actually does end up using her second wish when Jafar shows up with her real Dad and throws him off his flying magic carpet. I'll be honest, I was pretty meh on Mustache Dad, until they had their heartfelt scream session. Mustache Dad won back Alice's love by admitting he's a shithead and restoring her hope of finding Cyrus. Alas, he won't remember any of this — because thanks to Alice's wish he was sent home, but thinks his entire Wonderland trip was a dream. Womp womp.


Overall, I enjoyed the episode. However, I'm starting to think that Jafar is going about this whole "forcing Alice's wishes" thing all wrong. Why not just gather up all the children in Wonderland and throw them all off a cliff too? Boom, third wish made? Or continue turning the Knave of hearts to stone, or a bird, or maybe send him to Australia. Jafar has seemingly endless magic power — why not use it? I guess then there would be no show. Oh well.

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