Barry Allen Is His Own Worst Enemy in the Grim Trailer for The Flash's Season Finale

Image: Still via Youtube
Image: Still via Youtube
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Last week, The Flash revealed its latest villain. Now, shit is about to hit the fan in some spectacularly speedforce-y ways that are not also just peak Flash, but suitably depressing, if this new trailer for the last few episodes of the season are anything to go by. Also, you really shouldn’t watch this unless you’re caught up.

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I know we’ve called Barry his own worst enemy before, but now that we know that Savitar is a very angry, slightly melted version of Barry from the future, that’s now literally correct instead of a metaphorical statement on The Flash’s lead character being the fastest self-saboteur alive. And while for now only Barry and Killer Frost really know the truth, that’s not going to be the case for much longer, judging by this new sizzle reel for the last few remaining episodes of the season.

How will everyone react to the true identity of Savitar? Let’s go with poorly, as a lot of bad things seem to be going down in this trailer.

The prophecised Caitlin vs. Cisco fight, Wally being wrecked by Savitar (err, again), Iris’s impending doom... it’s all kicking off in Central City, and no one’s happy about it. Except for maybe Captain Cold, who makes a triumphant return to the show in this trailer, but I think that’s only because Wentworth Miller’s like a famished man at an all-you-can-eat buffet of Canadian-built scenery to gorge on. That’s always a delight to see.

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Also, side note, why does evil Barry have to be emo Peter Parker all over again in design?