Barry Allen Gutpunching a Gorilla Was the Most Majestic Thing The Flash Has Ever Done

Whenever The Flash does a Grodd story, it pulls out all the stops—and last night’s episode, the start of a two-part Gorilla City spectacular, was no exception. I still can’t believe that the thing that makes The Flash ramp into overdrive isn’t the speedforce, it’s a giant telepathic evil gorilla.


“Attack on Gorilla City” finally saw the return of Grodd, who was thrown into a society of supersmart gorillas last season, and now wants the Flash’s help in taking it over. It sounds utterly absurd, but somehow—some slightly dodgy greensceen effects aside—The Flash managed to pull off the peak of what has to be its ultimate commitment to the insanity of comic books. We didn’t just get Grodd, we got Gorilla City, we got Grodd’s archnemesis Solovar, and all of it was fantastic.

It was clear that a lot of framing for the episode was kept as isolated and as small scale as possible—Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, the Earth-2 Wells and Julian spend the vast majority of their time in Gorilla City in Grodd’s dungeons—so the show could really go all out for its biggest moment: Barry being forced to fight Solovar in a battle to the death inside a giant arena packed with hollering gorillas.

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I need Barry to open up one of those holes in space and time he’s so fond of so I can go back to 2012 and tell the me watching Arrow’s premiere that one day, all of this will lead to a live-action version of the Flash speed-punching a giant gorilla in the gut in slo-mo. I’m pretty sure past-me’s head would explode.

There was so much to love in this episode—especially as it was so separated away from most of the season’s ongoing concerns about Iris’ fate and Savitar, which has seldom happened since The Flash’s midseason return—that the only thing that could possibly top it is that we’re getting a gorilla invasion of Central City next week, as Grodd uses Gypsy’s dimension-hopping abilities to open a gateway for him and his giant army of gorillas to Central City.

A shot from a CW Television show, or Planet of the Apes?
A shot from a CW Television show, or Planet of the Apes?

Thank Grodd indeed.

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You are lucky you have some cool stuff show cause gorram you are the dumbest. Like speedster getting hit by slow moving tranq darts even after getting warning. Or a speedster running straight at a prepared defense and not even phasing through when the shield got in way. Or the “lets freeze someone to near death instead of just freezing and breaking the bars.” Or the fact Barry believed obvious lie that Solivar or whatever was going to go to another dimension to invade for no reason whatsoever.

Anyways did no one do Crime Scene Investigation for a couple of days or is there a whole CSI staff that stays hidden all the time.