Bankrupt Terminator Owners Saved By Terminator?

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Halcyon, the current owners of the rights to the Terminator movie franchise, may not be quite as broke as they thought they were, according to new financial advisers determined to bring them out of bankruptcy sooner rather than later.


According to The Wrap, FTI Capital Advisors have been hired by the troubled company to "evaluate strategic alternatives" to bankruptcy, and they've already announced that things aren't as bad as they may seem, if Senior Managing Director Kevin W. Shultz is to be believed:

Based on our extensive due diligence, we believe the value of the Terminator franchise alone is substantially greater than the $30 million Halcyon paid for it in 2007. In our view, Halcyon enjoys a wide variety of strategic options and we intend to explore them all.


Amongst that wide variety is the right of refusal for any movie based on Philip K. Dick's novels. And according to Halcyon, the next Terminator movie is already in development, unaffected by the company's financial situation.

'Terminator's' Halcyon Gets Restructuring Help [The Wrap]

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I'm sorry I don't get what Phillip K Dick's novels have to do with this. Can anyone explain?