Baltimore college is schooling undergraduates in the undead

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This semester the University of Baltimore is offering English 333, a.k.a. the pop history of zombies. Sadly, Spam and fruit cocktail hoarding does not appear to be on the syllabus.


The class is taught by Arnold Blumberg, the curator of Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore. Here's a snapshot of the curriculum:

Students will watch 16 classic zombie films (including "Zombi 2," in which a zombie fights a shark), read zombie comics and, as an alternative to a final research paper, have the chance to write scripts or draw storyboards for their ideal zombie flicks. [...]

The university isn't the first to jump in line with the lumbering undead. Columbia College in Chicago has offered Zombies in Popular Media for years, making several lists of the country's most bizarre courses in the process. At Iowa's Simpson College, students spent the spring semester collectively writing a book on "The History of the Great Zombie War." [...]

Though he's an all-inclusive zombie guy who makes fun of the geeks who'd fight you over rigid definitions, Blumberg does have a few prejudices. Frankenstein and other monsters constructed of human parts aren't zombies, for one. And the hugely successful Marvel Comics series that turned favorite superheroes into zombies? Well, that really bothered him.


So yeah, this is probably one of the few times in human history that Simon Garth will be considered part of a literary canon. As someone who once lived in "The City That Reads," may I suggest Baltimore Cemetery for storyboarding inspiration? That place is absolutely massive and ridiculously creepy.

[Thanks for the tip, Gugnir and Coffin Dodger!]

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Bird course!!!

I was stupid and took courses like foreign languages and history as my non-engineering courses instead of bird courses like this. Sure I can speak French and a little Russian and talk at length about history, but I feel like I'm missing out learning life skills when watching Zombie movies.

BTW, what the final going to be? A 1200 word essay on the brilliance of Shaun Of The Dead and another on Why Fast Zombies are Dumb?