Here's the first bit of good news: Eureka is set to return to Syfy this July after too long a wait. Here's the second: There'll be a familiar face joining the cast for the new season: BSG's James Callis.

It only makes sense that Doctor Gaius Baltar would end up in a town full of super-scientists, considering both Eureka's tendency towards cult casting for guest spots and what will become known as the Battlestar Curse: Good actors slumming it in roles that follow their big break (Also Known As, "Please stop guest-starring as hot-but-more-capable-than-initially-suspected-woman in every show known to man, Tricia Helfer").


According to The Live Feed, Callis will play a former resident of the town, who'll not only rub Sheriff Carter the wrong way, but also act as a potential love interest to Allison (Possibly, the two things are related). It's unknown how many episodes he'll appear in, but presumably few enough to enable his other new role on FlashForward.

Eureka's new season begins on Syfy on July 9th.

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