The latest in the Surrogates marketing has old man Willis lookin' to the side, probably for robots, or a better designer. What has happened to our action stars? Actually he reminds of another cue-ball hero...



Sorry this just isn't as appealing as my Korben Dallas/John McClane boys from the past, sigh. We need new action stars, and fast. Harrison Ford's befuddled old man Indiana and Nic Cage in just about everything aren't doing this genre any favors.

Also I'm generally starting to worry about the Surrogates film in general. Besides the little Bruces at the bottom, you really can't tell that this film is about robots, at all. And robots sell from Wall-E to Transformers – people like to see droids, and especially ones who pretend to be people. So why isn't this poster emphasizing the robot angle? People are going to see Surrogates to imagine what the pretty robotic versions of themselves will look like. Maybe we can get a more appealing poster before the film comes out September 25th.


For a better look at the Surrogates poster check out Coming Soon.