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A new Arrow season 2 promo gets to the point

Get it? Point? Arrow? Whatever. Here's just a reminder that if you're not watching the CW's still bafflingly great Green Arrow show, you might want to DVR Arrow's season 2 premiere on October 9th. We've got Ollie moving from vigilante to hero, more backstory on the island, more DC cameos... I have no doubt it's going to be worth ever arrow-pun they can throw at us.


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Angrier Geek

"bafflingly great Green Arrow show..."

"Baffingly great?" Not so much as it still operates on a Smallville level of sheer stupidity at times. "They don't have your restraint" is a prime example. He killed two dozen people in a single episode once! But "bafflingly entertaining?" Hell to the yes!