Bad News: Battlestar Season 4 Features More Singing

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News reports are still suggesting the Sci-Fi Channel may split Battlestar Galactica season four into two parts. Not only that, but it turns out there will be more singing, according to Executive Producer Mark Verheiden:

[R]ecently we saw the dailies on a scene that was especially heart-wrenching. In my patented "no spoiler" mode, I will not disclose any info, except to say the scene involves one of our main characters in a very bad place (what else is new?), who then sings, to themselves, an acapella lament to help ease their pain. I got chills (and no, I didn't write the episode!).


Why, gods of Kobol, why? We promise we'll never be mean to the Saggitarons again if you just stop the singing. Image by Mark Tran/FilmMagic

Enough Strike Talk, How About Something Positive? [Famous Verheidens of Filmland]

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