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Bad Movies And Foxes Have Killed Proyas' Surfer For Good

Illustration for article titled Bad Movies And Foxes Have Killed Proyas Surfer For Good

We've already told you that I, Robot director Alex Proyas was denying rumors that he would be directing a Silver Surfer movie, but as he told MTV last week, it's not just the studio involved that's making him stay away.Proyas told fans at Comic-Con that his main reason for staying away from the Fantastic Four spin-off was who was making it, and he repeated that to MTV:

[I]t's a Fox picture, [a]nd I'm determined never to work with them ever again because of my experience on ‘I,Robot.'


But that's not the only reason he's turning the project down, it seems. Another reason was the crappiness of the Surfer's first appearance, in Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer:

It's like the origin of Silver Surfer was in that movie, and I'm going, ‘This is such a f–king great story, why throw it away?' ...I think they messed it up.


You and the rest of the cinema-going public, Alex. Would it really have killed them to give us a giant man with a huge purple helmet instead of the flashing storm thing? ...Wait. I should probably rephrase that. Does this mean that Proyas is going to stay away from superhero movies from now on? Perhaps, he says:

You know, there aren't that many left. Silver Surfer would have been something I would have loved to have done. He's one of the last cool ones left, really.

Dude, you did The Crow; I think you've done enough. In more ways than one. Alex Proyas Explains Chilly Fox Relationship Means He'll Never Direct Silver Surfer Movie [Splash Page]

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Well, there's Silver Surfer Requiem or even Parable, if he still wants to do a decent SS.

And yet, the problem is not the hero, but the story chosen to film. So much material to choose from! And still we get the lowest common denominator product.