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People give science fiction movies a free pass when it comes to bad science, complains astronomer and novelist Mike Brotherton:

Why is it when people go to see a mediocre drama, they complain about the acting or the unrealistic characters, but when they go see a mediocre science fiction film ("sci-fi"), with bad science, they forgive criticisms with "it's just a movie!"


Brotherton doesn't offer any answers to how we can foster more respect for real science in the movies. (He's too busy warning that we'll turn into cave-dwelling cannibals if we watch the Chronicles of Riddick.) But here's an idea: when a movie comes out with plausible science and real characters, like Sunshine, boost the hell out of it. That might do more good than complaining about implausible blockbusters.

Science In My Science Fiction: Literacy? {SF Novelists]


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