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When traditional law enforcement tactics fail, why not turn to mad science? In Criminal, a vicious sociopath (played by Kevin Costner) undergoes a procedure that implants a recently deceased CIA agents’s skills and at least one very important memory into his brain. Sure, that sounds totally reasonable.

Nah. It actually sounds totally ridiculous (and more than a bit Demolition Man-y, as my colleague Germain Lussier pointed out). But sometimes ridiculous is awesome, especially when it comes packaged as an action movie starring not just Costner but also Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman (the JFK reunion I’ve been dreaming of! What, no role for Kevin Bacon?), as well as moonlighting superheroes Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.


Ariel Vromen, who made well-received Michael Shannon crime drama The Iceman, directs from a script by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg—the duo who dreamed up The Rock, another ridiculous (but also awesome) action movie with a heavy-hitting cast. Criminal is due out April 15.


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