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Bear spray? Who needs it! A map? Eat shit! A cellphone? LOL, what's the worst that could happen. Well, the worst that could happen is you get eaten by a bear you stupid, stupid, stupid campers. This is the premise for Backcountry — and we can't wait to see it.

We love, love, love survivalist stories or humans vs. nature showdowns. Open Water, The Descent and Jaws are three excellent examples of this, but this new movie Backcountry... well, it's gonna be hard to hold my tongue through this one. That being said (and spoiler talk ahead) from the looks of the trailer and this pretty compelling poster it looks like the dumbass "who needs bear spray" boyfriend eventually dies and then it's WOMAN VS. BEAR. And I'm am down as hell for that.


Trul,y Canada is dark and full of terror. Backcountry will premiere on VOD and digital platforms on March 20th.