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Back to the Future, the Broadway Musical?

A Back To The Future musical? We don't know how to feel about this.

Deadline is reporting that director Robert Zemeckis is in early talks with BTTF writer Bob Gale and film composer Alan Silvestri about translating their time traveling masterpiece to the stage. This movie is packed with the wacky gags and hijinks that just might work really well on stage. Plus "Power of Love" is an anthem and I want to see it performed by an entire CHOIR of Broadway singers. But then again, it's hard to imagine anyone but Michael J. Fox in the role of Marty McFly — it just feels dirty.


We'll patiently wait for more information before passing judgement — but for now, we throw down this law. No ZZ Top country western jamboree, NO DICE.

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This really should only happen if Matt Mira and Jonah Ray do it. They've been talking about a BTTF musical from Goldie Wilson's POV on the Nerdist podcast for quite a while now.