Back To The Future Saved From Indiana Jones' Mistake

Back To The Future co-writer and producer, Bob Gale, squashed any rumors that may have been circulating about a Back To The Future 4. Even though there was a special screening and reunion that was reported last month, reuniting the cast and crew didn't awaken any urge to "Save The Clock Tower" yet again. More after the jump.

Gale point blankly admitted, "Let me answer one question before anyone asks it, which is, 'Is there ever be a Back To The Future Part IV...No."


Apparently the crowd at the 5th Annual Celebration Exotic Car Festival benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation was angry with his response, and he explained that, "We've all seen sometimes where they make one too many sequels and you say, 'Maybe they shouldn't have done that.' I'm not going to name any names of movies, but you know what they are!"

Gale also explained that he would never make a Back To The Future movie without Michael J Fox. [Moviehole via Cinematical]

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