Back To The Future, Bollywood Style

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Bollywood is ready to remake the classic Back To The Future, and has cast two incredibly popular stars for the adaptation. But will there be a "Hello McFly" dance sequence?


Filling out Michael J. Fox's puffy vest is actor Akshay Kumar, according to rumors. The lovely Aishwarya Rai may also be taking on the role Lea Thompson once played. Rai is so gorgeous, I could easily be talked into seeing this film, but again why make it a remake? Why not just a funny, Bollywood time traveling movie?

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The director, Vipul Shah won't be forcing the actors to play teenagers, but I wonder how they will deal with the whole teen angst issues, and of course Biff the bully. Let's hope that it isn't a direct remake of the film because I just can't see how you could have a Back To The Future without "Calvin Klein" showing up to the school sock hop. Many other sites seem to be questioning whether it'll be a page for page translation as well.

The movie production is set to begin this February.

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Any news on who's going to play Christopher Lloyd's character?

This adaptation will be... interesting... to say the least. Perhaps it could even be more politically relevant than the original. Substitute Libyans for Pakistanis and make the Doc a perceived traitor...