Baby Yoda Gets a New Cute Plush Line, Because He Doesn't Have Enough Toys Yet

As if you haven’t cleared space on your shelf for these already.
As if you haven’t cleared space on your shelf for these already.
Image: ShopDisney
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The Mandalorian season two may be over, but the desire to take Grogu (aka darling of the internet Baby Yoda) and turn him into merchandise will continue for a good while yet.


io9 can exclusively reveal that ShopDisney’s line of Grogu pin and plush toys is making its way stateside next month. The four-design collection depicts Grogu in some very adorable states of being: sipping bone broth from a cup, snacking on a Sorgan frog, tucking into a bowlful of squid goop chowder, or mediating on Tython. Each plush (aside from the smaller sitting one) comes in at just over 7" tall.

But that’s not all—if you somehow don’t succumb to the cuteness and would prefer these designs rendered in pin form, matching enameled cloisonné pins are available separately. Three of the pins include 3D elements, such as the frog sticking out of Grogu’s mouth or the tentacles in his soup bowl, to boot!

The new Grogu pin and plush lines will hit ShopDisney US on March 6—each plush is $17 each, while each pin is $16.


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