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Five-month-old Bornean orangutan Tuah peers out from the Great Ape Building at Utah's Hogle Zoo at his introduction to the the public last week. The little guy is thriving under the care of his older sister, who stepped up into a parenting role after his mother died three weeks after he was born in November.


His father, known for his eerily accurate Super Bowl predictions, died from breast cancer complications in September. The Salt Lake Tribune has more backstory on this little guy's remarkable life thus far:

After Eve died, the zoo staff worked to raise Tuah, which required 24/7 care from workers who sometimes slept on the hay to be near him, [zookeeper Abby Green] said in a news release. Zoo keepers also taught [his sister, Acara, who is nine years older than him] to take care of the infant, as the species requires care and nurturing for up to nine years after its birth.

"Keepers worked with Acara prior to Tuah's birth on how to be gentle around baby brother. But after Eve's passing, the training took on a new level of importance," a news release said. "Keepers started with baby dolls, teaching Acara how to hold a baby right-side-up." They also taught her the word "bottle" to bring the baby to the exhibit door for Tuah's feedings.


The zookeepers also noted that Tuah's name means "luck" in Malay — and it also happens to be an anagram of "Utah."

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