Baby Ogopogo Found in Canadian Lake?

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A team of indie filmmakers just wrapped The Beast of Bottomless Lake, their pseudo-documentary on the legendary Ogopogo monster, a massive creature said to live in British Columbia's Lake Okanagan. And now, a real-life documentary crew from the History Channel claims to have found a "baby Ogopogo" in an underwater cave at the lake. They've also used infrared cameras in helicopters and sonar to look for a mama Ogopogo swimming around, and they think they've spotted her. The snakey Ogopogo, first seen in the nineteenth century, is supposedly 12 meters long. The History Channel team says their sonar spotted something 3 meters long, which is quite big for it to be a local fish. And then they came upon the "baby Ogopogo." Said Bill Steciuk, a local monster buff who helped organize the film shoots, "It was all curled up. The features were really hard to see. You could see a little head tucked in and a straight tail with no fins." According to Canwest News Service:

The unidentified specimen has been shipped to the University of Guelph in Ontario for DNA tests, but Ogopogo buffs will have to wait until February to find out more, when the Monster Quest program weighs in on the legendary mega-serpent.


The documentary crew showed photographs of baby Ogopogo to another local monster buff, Arlene Gaal, who has written three books on Ogopogo legends. She said:

The Ogopogo is real, but I don't know what this is. I had my doubts when the crew presented me with their findings. It looked to me like a decomposing ling cod.


Sounds like this might just be advance publicity for the Monster Quest show. Frankly, I'd much rather watch The Beast of Bottomless Lake. Sounds more realistic! Baby Ogopogo? [via Canwest News Service]

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I know Canada City isn't really on anyone's radar but jezuz...

"a massive creature said to live in Vancouver's Okanagan lake."

Vancouver isn't anywhere near Okanagan 400km (250+ miles) away...