Yeah, you've all heard about how bad movies like Battlefield Earth and Blonde Ambition are, but this one makes both of those look like Citizen Kane. The Monster of Camp Sunshine was one of the nudist exploitation films that came out in the 1960s, and it features bad acting, an incoherent plot, mutant monster, mad (or dumb) scientists, and a lot of naked flesh. Check out our NSFW clip, and a rundown of everything you need to know about this awe-inspiring flick.

We've broken the hour-long movie down to its best parts in the video above, while trying to maintain some semblance of a story. However, since it still doesn't make much sense (although it seems a lot clearer than the whole film), we'll break it down for you.

  • The grooviest part of the movie are the opening credits, which actually feature some Terry Gilliam-esque animations. If the whole film had been done this way, we might have loved it.
  • A scientist accidentally concocts a serum that unleashes the "killer instinct" in lab rats. They attack his assistant, and chase her inexplicably out a window. He saves her as she dangles from the ledge. What a hero
  • The scientist takes the serum in a simple Mason jar down the the ocean, and tosses it in to get rid of the evidence. But not before taking a huge whiff of the contents. Good quarantine procedures, doc.
  • The serum ends up in a shopping bag, and gets caught by a local fisherman. He decides to hang onto the jar (what?) and takes it to another fishing location, this time in a stream in the woods.
  • Whoops, he knocks the jar into the stream where it smashes to bits. A few feet downstream, the weird gardener at a nudist camp drinks some of the serum-laced water. It makes him crabby and grumpy, so his blonde sister chains him up in a shed. You know, just like a doctor would recommend.
  • The lab assistant and her fashion model roommate both turn out to (surprise!) be members of the nudist camp, and they come in for a party weekend to celebrate their friend Claire's birthday.
  • The monster, enraged by barren flesh we suppose, tears loose from his chains and sets off with his newly ugly mutant face and an axe in search of nubile flesh.
  • A call gets put in to a bored military commander who brings the cavalry, and they blow the poor monster to bits. Actually, a very small bit. They turn him into a rock or... something.
  • The group is momentarily sad, but then point out that the sun is coming out, so they strip off and enjoy life once again in the nude, and now monster-free.


And there you have the naked horror of The Monster of Camp Sunshine. If io9 ever gets locked in an orbital satellite and forced to watch terrible movies, I hope this is the first one they force on us. Never will you see so many bored looking naked people in one place, smoking so many cigarettes. Ah, the 1960s. Time travel, we really need you now.