Axe Cop Will Chop Your Head Off

If you haven't experienced the webcomic phenomenon that is Axe Cop, cancel all your plans for the next 15 minutes. It's about a cop with an axe, as written by a mad genius five-year-old.

This Christmas, Eisner-nominated comic artist Ethan Nicolle began setting the stories spun by his five-year-old brother Malachi to paper. The final product, Axe Cop, combines the big-screen action of The Ultimates with the Dadaist dynamism of Zippy The Pinhead and Flaming Carrot. The comic also contains the maybe best new battle cry in comicdom: "I will chop your head off!"


Here's my personal favorite Axe Cop strip. Check out the whole series at the Axe Cop main site (at the risk of the your head's structural integrity).

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