Awesome Movie Idea: Space Opera Author Discovers a Real-Life Space Opera That Involves Earth

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We loved the horror-comedy Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, and we were sad it didn't really have a supernatural or science-fiction theme. So we're pretty excited about Hyperdrive, a new science fiction movie from Tucker and Dale co-writer Morgan Jurgenson.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hyperdrive is about:

a tough cop who recruits a geeky sci-fi author to help him track down a mysterious murder witness. While on their search, they find themselves in the middle of a space opera playing out on Earth.


It's described as 48 Hours meets The Fifth Element, but it actually sounds like it could be pretty Galaxy Quest-y. Jurgenson co-wrote the script with David Daniels, which is a pseudonym for Alex Ankeles, VP of production at Panay Films, part of Disney. Paramount acquired the script, and Mary Parent will produce it under her Disruption Entertainment banner. Top image: Prey 2: Bounty Hunter. [THR]

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But which beloved Firefly actor will catapult this to... success... no... popularity... no, not quite... a few people having heard of it... yeah, that sounds about right... like Alan Tudyk did for Tucker & Dale?

I'd love to say Sean Maher or Ron Glass could probably pull off the quirky, geeky sci-fi author who gets wrapped up in all of this. Nathan Fillion if he weren't already playing the same role -minus about 95% of the sci-fi- on a weekly basis. Tamoh Peniket obviously has to be the cop.

Actually, as much as I love the cast of Firefly (BSG, Caprica, or SGU could also serve as good pools to draw beloved genre actors to lend clout to your low-budget movie), I think the real winner needs to be Rainn Wilson reprising his role as Xanthony O'Harbinger.